James Blunt has described how he once partied in a swimming pool in America, and found himself surrounded by nine naked models.

The singer – who has been romantically linked to supermodel Petra Nemcova, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Reese Witherspoon – was partying in the US when he found himself surrounded by a crowd of stunning, playful women.

James revealed to Live magazine: “I once found myself in a swimming pool in Los Angeles with nine naked models and I was the only guy.

“But I’d like to think any woman I have known has enjoyed being with me.”

The former Army officer also insisted he isn’t interested in being rich or famous, he just wants to make music.

James said: “I couldn’t tell you how much money I have, but I don’t judge myself or my success by my bank account.

“I hate the obsession with celebrity – what you are wearing, whether you are cool. I’d never go out and buy myself diamonds. I don’t do flash cars or clothes. I’m not really into possessions.

“I have one bag that contains two pairs of jeans, eight pairs of socks, six T-shirts, which I get free from my friend who runs a website, and a leather jacket.

“In London, I’ll get the Underground or the bus and I’d rather go to a pub more than some amazing restaurant. When I go to Ibiza, I’ll go on a budget airline.”

The 33-year-old singer also refused to discuss reports he uses drugs.

He said: “I have a good relationship with drugs. I just think people need to educate themselves on the subject. That’s all.”